Shelter for Displaced Humanity

Client: Public

Displaced people are commonly housed in cramped quarters that are not only far from ideal conditions, but are also dangerous to their health and safety. Addressing the plight of Rohingya people fleeing their Myanmar homes to seek refuge in Bangladesh, The Chrysallis is designed to give a dignified and humane home for those who lost theirs. At its heart are the pillars of humanitarian and disaster response — immediency, resiliency and ease of use.

Year: 2018
Floor Area:
Location: Sri Lanka


Built with 2 internal levels, the Chrysallis provides 15sqm of space per person, as well as the basic elements of a home with each kit of emergency shelter.

The lower level can serve as the living and dining areas, furnished with surfaces and storage built from the very packaging the materials for the shelter has been brought in. Closed metal sidings at the lower level secures the privacy of its inhabitants while thin slats and perforations on the upper part let natural light and ventilation in.

The upper level is a loft made of netting made of triangular nylon mesh that can carry up to 300kg of load per segment. It gives the shelter an additional 20sqm of space for sleeping and resting without obstructing the air circulation.

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