Hi, We are Headroom

​We are an architectural design studio based in Manila. We help people create spaces and experiences through architecture and design.​

Good is better than great

Headroom is built on the idea that architecture is transformative, and good design can, and should, improve lives.

Since founding the studio in 2014, that has been our goal. This is what drives us forward.​​


The way we work

Every architecture studio has its own design philosophy. Through our experience in projects of various types and scale, we’ve found that our successful projects have come from the right mix of collaboration, communication, and experimentation.​

We treat every project as an opportunity to move architecture forward. That is why from small spaces to hectares of master planning, we always found ways to make good design accessible to all.

The Team

We are a group of inspired architects who share the commitment to combine our skills and spirit to build you your bespoke space.

Kevin J. Nieves, UAP​
Design Director – Co-Founder​

​As the Design Head, Kevin spearheads all the creative direction of all projects inside the office.​

​He’s a supporter of Manchester United football club, a comics nerd, and a low-budget photographer. ​

​He has a podcast, Unsolicited, available on Spotify​

Katherine Clemente, UAP​
Managing Director – Co-Founder​

As the Managing Partner, Kat is the engine the keeps the studio running smoothly. ​

When she’s not in the office, she’s under the sea. Skin diving is the passion that drove her to embrace sustainability in our projects. ​​

She’s a certified sneakerhead, from what’s hip to what’s in the ukay-ukay.​

Alessandro D. Trinidad, uap​
Business Development – Co-Founder​

​Andrew’s expertise in high-rise hospitality projects, banks, and corporate project has helped in shaping what Headroom is today. ​​

In charge of Business Development, you may see him all over the metro, meeting clients and industry partners in one of his favorite spots. ​

​He plays Bass Guitar by the way.​

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