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Client: MMI Philippines

MMI Live is a leading events management company which specializes in coordinating large scale concerts, as well as intimate and private ones. With over 20 years of experience under their helm – bringing international talents with the likes of Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Paramore, etc. – MMI deserves an office that’s well-adapted to the active entertainment industry it caters to.

This office features spaces for those working regular hours indoors, as well as those who are more flexible with their time and location. This dynamism is reflected in the interiors, with the play of patterns and colors on the furniture, ceiling treatment, floor, and wall decor. Situated in a LEED-certified building at the heart of BGC, natural lighting is maximized and great care has been placed to keep the flow of activity clean and uncluttered for maximum work efficiency.

As the leading large-scale events management company in the country, @mmilive ‘s office must reflect the fun and entertaining energy in the nature of their work. Carefully selected furniture and fixtures give off a simple yet dynamic feel to the spaces, while also making sure that users are able to work efficiently and at ease. A palette made-up of softwood and pastels add subdued youthful colors to complement the visual movement of linear patterns, most prominently on the main room’s ceiling.

Lastly, a wall dedicated to showcasing the company’s successes and achievements – in the form of autographed concert posters and photos of celebrities MMI Live has worked with – welcomes clients and guests as they enter, giving them a quick but lasting positive first impression.

Year: 2018
Floor Area: 89 sqm
Location: South Corporate Tower 1, BGC, Taguig City

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