The Grid Bistronomia

Client: Bistronomia

Stall version of @ramblaph can also be found at The Grid, designed simply and classy, for your tapas and pintxos fix.

Stock up on beer or wine, cold cuts, cheeses, etc. for your weekend activities at The Grid’s version of a deli, Happy Barrels! You can even open a bottle and enjoy your drink at the food hall if you feel like it.
Designed to match The Grid’s simple and sophisticated theme, this store’s open plan allows customers seamless selection and retail ease. Slim-framed display windows, exposed brick walls, and softwood treatments enlarge the space and give it a touch of subtle luxury.

By the entrance of a new upmarket food court concept is this deli for wine, cold cuts, and cheese.

Year: 2018
Floor Area: 45sqm + 60sqm
Location: 2F The Grid, Power Plant Mall, Makati City

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